Poems By Gianfranco Aurilio
Poems By Gianfranco Aurilio
Gianfranco Aurilio was born in Rome, Italy. After graduating in a Humanities-centred secondary school,
he earned his Law degree from the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. He has written thirteen collections
 of poetry and his poetry has been published in several national and international anthologies and magazines.


The ideal love


I traveled the world

and wore my eyes out

looking for you,

asking the sun

not to set

so I could have more time

and the moon not to sink

so I could keep dreaming of you

and you were here,

right around the corner from home.



Mosaic of love


There isn’t a single part

of your body

that I don’t love,

just like the sea

loves its deepest gorges,

the mountain

its smallest rocks

and the river

its most hidden inlets.

And if you ask me

what I love most about you,

I would tell you

to ask the sun

to name its most beautiful sunset.





I learned to walk

on glass floors,

to weigh words

as though they were gold,

to listen to the tiniest sounds

of the hearts of those

who talked to me

but I still haven't learned to fly

as feathers do.



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